How big is Evans Kidero’s headache right now?

He is part of a rebel group that seeks to tornado its way out of ODM and is therefore no longer seen to enjoy the support of that party’s owners and their cheerleaders.
He has not done much to dispel that notion.
Holding publicised harambees in his party leader’s political backyard hasn’t helped him beat back the idea that he is quietly undermining his bosses in the party.
He just lost his seat as vice chairman of the Council of Governors for the simple but telling reason that there was nobody to propose his name.
He is not seen to have done much for his constituents, definitely not by pissing off the driving class by more than doubling parking fees while both the driving and the matatu class remember that he was connected to the latest round of matatu madness. Ok. That might not be exactly true but he did raise matatus’ patking fees too without at least pretending to improve public transport. Wait. He did promise some buses. But. The matter is also stuck in the mire. He hasn’t done anything remotely landmark.

That is the very unique situation Evans Kidero has found himself in after the underestimated and unfit-to-hold-public-office-Baba-Yao’s plea was heard by the Court of Appeal.
Unless he goes to the Supreme Court and they like his pleas, his fate lies with the powers that be at ODM and then with Nairobi’s impatient voters.
If what we have heard is true, he will face the maverick Mike Sonko at the poll, and we all know how we all seem to hate Sonko for his coloured hair and rudeness to Mutoko but then vote for him overwhelmingly at the election.

Also, the weave-wearing Nairobi community might not like Evans because of what he did to their inspiration.
Things could change, though, because his Twitter and Facebook voters are telling Peter Kenneth to leave his Mayfair Centre and come down the hill to City Hall.


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